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Facebook for Beginners – A Complete Guide

In this age of the internet, social media has enhanced how we do business. In fact, social media is the number one best way to get more impressions and more conversions.  Learn more about Facebook Ads for Beginners in this article.

Among the various social media ads channels, Facebook particularly stands out. Not only does it have the world’s largest number of users, it is also the cheapest. Being up to 7X cheaper than twitter—the next cheapest option. 

In this post, we shall take a look at the steps you need to take to succeed in your Facebook ads campaigns to help take your business to the next level. 

Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

The importance of Facebook ads and why you should use them. 

Social media is now among the best ways for businesses to generate leads, make sales and develop a loyal clientele. 

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t be left out when it comes to Facebook advertising and more important Facebook Ads for Beginners. 

First off, there are over 1.13 billion Facebook users. Over one billion of these users access Facebook through their phones. This clearly shows the opportunities for marketing are almost limitless for businesses. 

Secondly, the average social media user spends well over 50 minutes every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, 

Thirdly, you are can market to users based on various demographics such as age, gender and even location. This allows you to create targeted ads that best suit your audience. More on this later. 

The pros of Facebook advertising includes:

  • There is an immediate response of traffic

  • It is relatively simple to track your campaigns

  • Easy for you to set up Facebook ads

  • You can control how much you spend

  • Allows for targeting advertising based on various demographics

  • You can use images and videos which quickly grab attention

  • Easy to determine your cost per conversion allowing you to calculate profits

  • Depending on which industry you are in, the cost per click is relatively cheap

The cons of Facebook ads

  • It can prove expensive if set up wrong

  • Better suited for B2C

  • Limited by strict (and often very subjective) rules of what and how you can advertise 

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be broadly classified into:

Image ads

They offer an excellent way to start off your Facebook marketing journey. This is mainly because they’re simple to comprehend and create. 

One thing to always take note of is that the Facebook images should be interesting and grab attention. They should never be boring. 

Video ads

There are several places where Facebook video ads can show. This includes in the in-stream during a Facebook live video, in the news feed and in stories. 

When you create a video ad, you may want to consider showing your product in performance as it solves a problem. 

The idea is to always be creative. Keep in mind that you can also create GIFs or animations and not necessarily filmed footage. 

Carousel ads

With these types of ads, you can upload 10 images or a number of videos. One of the major benefits of these ads is that you can showcase different features of your product. Alternatively you can use carousel ads to show several different products.

You can then add a different link to each image or video.

Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads are similar to carousel ads. You can add multiple images and videos. One of the major benefits of slideshows is that they offer motion images kind of like a video but will use significantly less data.

Because of this, people who are on slow internet connections can still enjoy the slide shows. In the ads section, you can add text or music in the slideshows. 

Augmented reality ads

This typed of ad is more interactive with filters and animations that make it easy for viewers to interact with the brand. 

Let’s assume you are selling makeup, you could use a feature that allows shoppers to see how a shade of lipstick would appear on their lips. 

It is also a great way to reach out to more people as users can take photos of themselves and post them on social media.

Collection ads

These type of ads are only available for users on mobile. You can add up to five images or videos each with a separate link which users can use to purchase your products.

The benefit of these ads is that people can purchase products while still on Facebook. 

You can even use collection ads to relay information about a product. 

For instance a short video could show exactly how to use the product. Another video could show when to use the product. 

Keep in mind also that the primary videos or image can be used to pass the main information about a product. The other images or videos can be used to share other important information. 

Instant Experience Ads

One of the major advantages of instant experience ads and one that sets them apart is how quickly they can load. 

In fact they can load many times faster than a mobile website that is outside of Facebook. 

Dynamic Ads

With the dynamic ads, you can create ads and send them to customers that have a real interest in your products. 

If say a shopper went through the buying process on your website but didn’t checkout but instead abandoned cart then you can use dynamic ads to promote the product they abandoned.

This can be highly effective as it remind the potential customer about the product. 

Stories ad


Stories ads are mobile only ads that are meant to utilize the full screen of the mobile phone without having to turn the phone vertically. After all, mobile phones where designed to be held be vertically.

The benefit of stories ads is they allow the user to view threads regardless of where they are. They can even view the ads when they are on the move. 

Poll ads

This option is only available for mobile versions. Here you can add a two-option poll to your video or image. You can then provide a link for each separate option. 

The pol ad will allow you to see the tally of questions to each ad. 

Messenger ads

There are over 1.3 billion people who use Facebook messenger. After you have created your ad, you will simply need to  choose Facebook messenger as the placement. 

The defining feature with messenger ads is that they often contain a call to action button which then starts a conversation with the Facebook page. In fact they allow for people to use it to have a one on one conversation with the customer sales reps. 

Lead ads

One thing to note is that lead ads are only for mobile devices. The reason for this is that they are designed to make it super simple for people to offer their contact infomation while avoiding too much typing. 

They come in handy when looking for people to send your newsletters to, or even encouraging visitors to a free trial of your product. 

Lead ads are among the most popular ads for generating a sales funnel. 

Now that you understand the types of Facebook Ads and the power of using Facebook Advertising, the next step is a step-by-step guide to creating and running the ad of your choice. I have created this FREE E-Book just for you!

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