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My Story | Erika Jones Consulting

My Mantra

I didn’t get here overnight, it has taken years of mistakes and learning to get me to this place in life. I commit each day to learning, growing and being the best version of me I can.

My Story

Unique perspective has always been something I am naturally great at. For a long time I thought of it as a curse because people didn’t see it “my way”. After years of struggling to understand why I wasn’t “breaking through” and “being successful” I realized because I wasn’t being authentic to who I really am.  I don’t need people to understand me or agree with me, I offer a different perspective and those who choose it experience a difference that is hard to put into words.

Marketing Evangelist, Sales Professional, Lover of all things Digital and Social, Customer Solution Consultant, Mommy Blogger

Think BIG and execute every detail ~ that is what makes my job fun! I have been in Business and Marketing for 22 years, I really love the challenge, thrill and most of all the creativity of what I do. I believe in getting into more than just the image of the business or brand but rather developing long term strategies as a partner to help them see results. If you are tired of the same results from traditional marketing then try a hybrid media strategy, it works! I want My Story to be a part of your success.

Specialties: Sales management training & certification- various companies, creative advertising and branding, sales management, business management. Social Media Certified, negotiations with traditional media, long term advertising planning.

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